Reflecting on Canada Day….

Our usual small town Canada Day celebrations included a BBQ, and fireworks. This year, instead of the normal events, our wonderful volunteer firemen drove through town playing ‘O Canada’. Love small towns.

My parents emigrated from the Netherlands in the early 1950’s. I was born, here in Canada, a couple of years later.

I remember speaking Dutch as a small child and being told by one of my aunts to speak English instead. I can still hear her voice saying, “speak English, we came to Canada to be Canadians.” I remember this clearly and it made me proud to be in Canada, proud to be a Canadian.

Reflecting back I wish I had held on, a little tighter, to being a Dutch Canadian. Not just that having a second language would be so beneficial in today’s global society, but also to better understand WHY so many Dutch people and other Europeans came to Canada for a better life.

I know the reasons why. I know what happened in Europe, and particularly the Netherlands, in the decades prior to my family’s move to Canada.

What I am just beginning to understand, now, is the effect these long ago years continue to have on my family.

My favourite Soul Sister craft. We scored some free pallets. Pulled them apart. Hammered out the nails. Straighten the salvagable nails. Cut planks into desired lengths. Hammered them back together. Painted everything white. Then adorned them with our beautiful Canada Flag!

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