Reflections on my Life

When reflecting on my life, I realize that I have been many things to many people.

A daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece, and a granddaughter. An aunt, a great aunt, and a God mother.

A neighbour, a student, a classmate, a friend, and a foe. An employee, a team player, a volunteer, and a mentor. A Sunday school teacher, a church lady, a 4-H teacher and a Soul Sister.

A daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law and a mother-in-law.

A spouse, a mother, and a grandmother.

Now, upon entering the stage of a Well Adult, I’ve made a rather long list of things I want to do. Written on no particular order, to be completed, and documented, in no particular order.

So, enjoy, or don’t. It’s entirely up to you.