A Little Rhubarb…..

From garden to plate..

We have this lovely rhubarb plant that we have been housing for my husband’s oldest friend, in years of friendship, not years of age. It was moved from his childhood home, and has traveled with them as they moved from home, to home, to home. It is, at the moment, rooted beside our backyard shed. Awaiting transplant, once again to the latest destination in their journey.

We have never really been overly fond of this bright pinkish red stemmed, sourly crisp, topped with a gigantic poisonous leaf, plant. I have, though, used this leaf to form a beautiful bird bath, and a couple of stepping stones.

Rhubarb Crisp in a Skillet

We have decided to give this, what I previously believed to be a fruit, and have since discovered is a vegetable, another try.

This rhubarb crisp, baked in a cast iron skillet, is helping us ease into experimenting with this nutritious plant. A good portion of the rhubarb was replaced with apple and blueberry. This should have led to a reduction in the sugar called for, but it didn’t.

It will be a spring of discovery as we play with different recipes, and projects for the gardens.

Maybe, just maybe, we will keep a portion of this plant