No Mow May….

Forget-me-nots, and other pretty flowers.

Our lawns grow so much more than grass and dandelions!

Some crazy little wildflowers….

In defense of the lovely yellow dandelion.

1. It’s highly nutritious.

2. It contains potent antioxidants.

3. It may help fight inflammation.

4. It may aid blood sugar management.

5. It may reduce cholesterol

6. It may lower blood pressure.

7. It may promote liver health.

8. It may aid weight loss.

9. It may support healthy digestion.

10. It may boost immune health.

Pretty in yellow….

Things to make from the lovely dandelion.

1. Dandelion jelly – done

2. Dandelion wine

3. Dandelion bread – done

4. Dandelion honey – done

5. Dandelion syrup – done

6. Dandelion cookies – done

7. Dandelion tea – done

8. Dandelion coffee – done

9. Dandelion gummies

10. Dandelion salve – done

11. Dandelion salad – done

12. Dandelion soup

13. Dandelion quiche

14 Use your imagination

Food for the birds, food for the bees. Food, a plenty, when the lawn has been mowed when No Mow May is over.

Reduce your carbon footprint!

Looking at the World

Looking at the world 
through rose coloured glasses.
As the winds and clouds roll by.
Like thoughts and ideas,
they make smooth passes.
My feelings;
like dots in the sky.
Surrounding yourself pleasantly 
is difficult sometimes.
The flowers and the trees,
are not always in rhyme.
My expectations are like chimes,
in what a world finds fair.
So different is the light
that my daydreams share.

Celebrating Earth Day

Three tall white pines…..
Three small children 
Bring home
Three small pines.

The trees were planted in a line.
Side by side, the children grew.
Side by side, grew the trees.

That first earth day,
It has created a beautiful background.
For so many
a wonderful thing.

Family gatherings,
Children playing,
Music in the yard.
A beautiful couple
saying, 'I do'.
The stumps of a tree…..
From a seed,
into a sapling.
From a sapling,
into a tree.
From a tree,
into a stump.
From a stump,
into earth.
To provide nourishment,
for the next tiny seed.

Summer in the Springtime

We climbed up a hill, and, discovered a tranquil little lake.
Where rapids become waterfalls.
We stopped the car to allow this beautiful creature to safely cross the road, then secure herself a safe hiding spot amongst the evergreens.
I want to paint this picture!
that no longer prevent people from entering.
Forest shenanigans!
A beautiful bouquet, delivered by mother nature herself .
The old and the new……and the forest life continue.

We spent a wonderful, mid April day, discovering beautiful Cooper’s Falls.

Taking advantage of an unseasonably warm day. No mosquitoes, and no blackflies.

Ontario, yours to discover!

Waiting For Spring

To The Thawing Wind by Robert Frost

Come with rain, O loud Southwester!

Bring the singer, bring the nester;

Give the buried flower a dream;

Make the settled snowbank steam;

Find the browns beneath the whites;

But whatever you do tonight,

Bathe my window, make it flow,

Melt it as the ice will go;

Melt the glass, and leave the sticks

Like a hermits crucifix;

Burst into my narrow stall;

Swing the picture on the wall;

Run the rattling pages o’er;

Scatter poems on the floor;

Turn the poet out the door.

True Colours

White is white
Black is black
Grey is grey
White is not White

It it winter

It is ivory

It is bone

It is bright

Black is not black

It is raven

It is dusk

It is ebony

It is midnight
Grey comes through in many shades
It is blurred 

It is clear

It is smudged

It is dear
Grey is like a newspaper 
It is black and white
And read all over.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day
A tulip popped out of the ground. 
It made sure no one was around.
It took off its shirt.
Which fell in the dirt.
It turned red without making a sound.

I had a wooden shoe.
It was quite new.
I put it on my feet.
They felt really neat.
How they both fit in, I haven't a clue.

Red is a colour I like.
It is the colour of my new bike.
I rode it to the bar.
Thought it would be safer than driving my car.
Now, onward home, I hike.

There was a hat on my head
Last night, when I went to bed.
My husband laughed.
He thought me daft.
Now, there is a pot on his head.