No Mow May

Wanting to make a little bit of honey, for my honey.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking everyone to participate in No Mow May. They are requesting that everyone wait until the end of the month to rev up those lawn mower engines.

Busy, bussing, bees.

The intention of No Mow May is to allow food sources to bloom, providing food for insects and other wildlife.

Getting ready to dive in.

One of the most common lawn flowers, that some folks love to hate, is the gloriously, beautiful dandelion.

Little honey makers!

And while you are enjoying this magnificent bloom on your lawn, stoop down and pick a few.

Bugs of many colours.

Indulge is some dandelion wine, and a dandelion shortbread cookie or two. Make some dandelion jelly, and some dandelion syrup. Some dandelion tea, or dandelion salve.

So many more insects, than just the ever important little honey bee!

Enjoy the colours of your lawn, til the end of the month when most will turn green.