Fairy Houses, on the Forest Floor

The Fairy House - by Rose Fylemam

As I was walking homeward
One early summer's day
I met a little fairy
Tripping on her way
Her bonnet was a bluebell
A daisy was her gown
Her wings were bits of sunshine
Trimmed with thistle-down
I think she had been to market
For as she hurried by
I peeped into her basket
To see what I could spy
A pair of tiny slippers 
A reel of golden thread
A tiny jar of honey
And a weeny loaf of bread
I hid amongst the tall grass 
As still as I could be
The Fairy gave a ratt tatt tatt
Upon a hollow tree
And then for just an instant
I peeped into her house
And do you know what?
The front door was opened
By a mouse!