The Tree Museum…take two….mirrors in the forest.

Magical mirrors….

We were a bit better prepared for our second venture into The Tree Museum.

Sculpted wood on rock.

An earlier start, on a much cooler day, fortified with a healthy supply of water and snacks, the trek into the forest was a much more pleasant adventure.

Car art!

We left the lens caps on our cameras until we completed the 1.5k hike to the gates leading into The Tree Museum.

Magical moments deep in the forest.
Photographing the photographer!

We came upon an area of the forest enchanted with magical mirrors. Magical mirrors that reflected revolving images of sky, earth and trees.

The glimmering forest.
A different kind of magical mirror!
Capturing the photographer, again.

At the end of the day. At the end of an 8k hike. A camera full of photos. A mind full of memories. A hot fire. And a cup of cocoa.

Capturing moments.


water ebbs
water flows
over fingers
over toes
it washes your face
it cleanses your soul
leaving a trace
making you whole
it swims through your mind
it tickles your feet
it makes you smile
at those you meet
I love it
as water
I love it
as ice
it waters the world
everything right

The Colours of Black River Wilderness Park


A 180 acre park, Black River Wilderness Park is owned and operated by the Chippewas of Rama First Nations.

The beauty of rock, wood, and water.
The different colours of the Black River
Enjoying the view….
On the red trail, or was it the yellow one, or maybe the green trail? No, I think it was the blue trail.
The Black River, moving it’s way throughout the park.
On an island….

On this last day of the season, the tents and the RVs have left the grounds. A single campfire fills the air with an earthy smell of smoke.

The beauty of autumn!

Fort Willow, and the War of 1812

The war of 1812

Fort Willow, a supply depot during the War of 1812, located at the midway point between Kempenfelt Bay and the Nottawasaga River.

The sound of war….
Standing guard
Hints of home
Hand weaving…. now on u-tube
Faces of Fort Willow
Camp life……
Artisans at work

Fort Willow located at the halfway mark of a nine mile portage traveled by indigenous peoples, explorers and fur traders.

An old fur trader

Our history. Our history to learn from.

Quilters, Artisans, and all things Beautiful!

Quilts, each as beautiful as the other!

The Simcoe County Quilt and Artisan Fair. Finally back again, after a covid19 hiatus!

A few of my many favorites!
Works of art!

The finest of quilting, embroidery, rug hooking, spinning, hand weaving, lace making, etc., etc., etc.

Colour, colour, and more colour!
A quilt of many colours!

So many artists, so much art. So worth the drive to the Simcoe County Museum.