It’s Foraging Time Again

A plentiful basket!
When grocery prices soar.
Shopping from the forest floor.

Fiddleheads, sautéed in butter.
Jars of wild leek pesto.
Ramps, frozen in olive oil.
A friend’s bountiful forest. Thanks for sharing!

It’s foraging time again. One of my many favourite times of the year.

It’s so interesting to discover the bounty that springs forth from the forest floor.

And now, we can linger in forest for a litte bit longer, because, as we’ve matured we’ve begun asking for permission to enter before climbing that fence.

Mother’s Day

Flowers from my daughter and son-in-law
To Mothers,
From far and wide.
Here on earth,
And in the sky.
Beautiful little goslings
To those who mother
Other people's children.
To those who benefit
From other people's mothers.
A magnificent osprey.
From the goose 
With her gander.
To the Mother osprey
Who yelled at me.
Breakfast close to home.
Happy Mother's Day 
To all of the women
In this world!


A pretty cool stump
I am stumped
Totally stumped
So stumped.
An old old stump
By all the things that I have heard
When people say
Not a single word

A flower stump
Like flower petals 
They grow on dead wood.
They love me
They love me not

A swimming stump
And the waters swirl
As the world turns
Everything stands

Trees, by Bliss Carman

A wonderful poem, because it is National Poetry month!

In the Garden of Eden, planted by God,
There were goodly trees in the springing sod,
Trees of beauty and height and grace,
To stand in splendor before His face.
Apple and hickory, Ash and pear,
Oak and beech and tulip rare,
The trembling aspen, the noble pine,
The sweeping elm by the river line;
Trees for the birds to build and sing,
And the lilac for joy in spring;
Trees to turn at the frosty call
And carpet the ground for their Lord's footfall;
Trees for fruitcake and fire and shade,
Trees for the cunning builder's trade;
Wood for the bow, the spear, and the flail,
The keel and the mast of the daring sail;
He made them of every grain and girth
For the use of man in the Garden of Earth.
Then lest the soul should not lift her eyes
From the gift of the Giver of Paradise,
On the crown of a hill, for all to see,
God planted a scarlet maple tree.

Paasstol – Dutch Easter Bread


This Easter, I thought I would revive a Dutch tradition and make a wonderful stollen. I found out, after I had made it, that I should have formed it in the shape of a cross, in memory of Christ’s death and Resurrection. Next year, this is what I will do.

This is a rich, sweet bread filled with dried fruits and almond paste, then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Soaking the raisins, and the currants stirred up some old childhood memories.

Prep work!

A big thank you to the crusaders, who 650 years ago brought back the almonds, the candied peel, and the spices, that add so much to the fine dough, made with so much butter, that makes this rich delicious stollen.

So good!

Sharing this culinary delight with family, made reviving this tradition, learning more about my heritage, even more delightful.

He is Risen! Alleluia!

Early Mornings

Sunrise through the trees

I have a sister who tells me that early morning is the best time for photography.

I tell my sister that early morning is the best time for sleeping.

This morning I awoke early.

I stepped out onto my back deck, and this happened.

To early mornings!

The Colour Blue

Looking a little like Lake Louise

Today started out as a blue kind of a day, as a combination of snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain, prevented me from spending the afternoon painting with my sister.

Generously supplied by the Maclaren Art Center

But seeing that little watercolour palette, with it’s dot of blue pigment, along with a new paint brush, washed those blues away.

Love Zoom!

With supplies generously donated by the MacLaren Art Center, for us folks who have reached a certain age, and under the direction of one of their artists, via Zoom, my paper went from white to blue.

A Silly Spring Poem

I love this rock,

With it's wood and rock.

The ice that clings

Like a woolen sock.

It'll stay there

Til the weather is fair,

When it will melt away

Like a frilly frock.

It is so much fun

To see the slush


Beneath your shoe.

It will make you wet,

But what they heck.
A tasty treat, 

For those fast red feet.

Of the elusive red squirrel

If it comes near the house,

It will be treated like a mouse


Happy Spring Everyone !!!!!

Walking on Ice

Kempenfelt Bay, upon whose shores the beautiful City of Barrie sits. It’s also home to other wonderful little spots, like Big Bay Point, and Shanty Bay.

A Bay, that grows ever more beautiful as winter melts into spring. When spring moves into summer, then autumn, and back to winter, and ice huts will once again dominate the landscape.

The frozen waters provide a perfect playground for this beautiful chocolate lab. A chocolate lab, much loved by his Oma and Opa.

Pressure cracks, and nature’s sculptures, cover the bay as water begins to pool on top of the ice.

Deep below the layers of ice lurks the legendary lake creature named Kempenfelt Kelly.

Kempenfelt Kelly is said to have a long stove-pipe neck, topped with a face that looks like a dog.

It is about 12 feet long, or prehaps a lot longer.

Folklore also says that it has three pairs of legs, and looks like an octopus, topped with two long and sensitive antenna.

One source noted that it has “exquisitely beautiful feather-like appendages, that are constantly in motion.”

When I finally lay eyes on the mysterious Kempenfelt Kelly, I will give you a full, and accurate description of this remarkable being.

Along the shore of Kempenfelt Bay, in Big Bay Point.