The Tree Museum…take two….mirrors in the forest.

Magical mirrors….

We were a bit better prepared for our second venture into The Tree Museum.

Sculpted wood on rock.

An earlier start, on a much cooler day, fortified with a healthy supply of water and snacks, the trek into the forest was a much more pleasant adventure.

Car art!

We left the lens caps on our cameras until we completed the 1.5k hike to the gates leading into The Tree Museum.

Magical moments deep in the forest.
Photographing the photographer!

We came upon an area of the forest enchanted with magical mirrors. Magical mirrors that reflected revolving images of sky, earth and trees.

The glimmering forest.
A different kind of magical mirror!
Capturing the photographer, again.

At the end of the day. At the end of an 8k hike. A camera full of photos. A mind full of memories. A hot fire. And a cup of cocoa.

Capturing moments.

The Tree Museum…take one

Faces in the forest

In the midst of our great Canadian landscape, amongst the trees, and the lakes, and the rocks, we discovered The Tree Museum.

A well marked trail.

Just follow the little blue arrows, and the little blue signs. After a kilometer, or two, and you will happen upon the entrance to the Tree Museum.

Nature at it’s best

Before the entrance, God has his work on display.

Light and shadows
Entrance to The Tree Museum

A mailbox contains a guest book. We left our names among the rest of the worldly travelers who have discovered this beautiful retreat into the wilderness.

Metal meets rocks and trees
Above the metal, rock on rocks.
Keeper of the forest..
A home away from home. Complete with a fireplace and natural air conditioning.
The list of contributing artists.

Having just recently recovered from a bout of covid19, I started this outing a little overconfident in my level of fitness and endurance, so we are leaving the rest of tour for a different day.

We have so much more to explore!

The beauty that surrounded us.