Feeling Orange

I’m feeling Orange today….

I love the colour orange.

Prehaps it’s because I’m Dutch, and orange is Holland’s national colour.

Prehaps it’s because, as a teenager, I went to see the movie, Clockwork Orange, with a girlfriend, and we laughed until we cried.

A little bit of Orange….

Prehaps it’s because September 30th, 2021, marked the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, honoring the survivors of the Residental School system.

Fields and Fields of Orange

Prehaps it’s because orange is the colour of fall, my favourite time of year. From green, to red, to yellow, to orange.

Prehaps is because orange is the colour of campfires. The orange flames, flickering, fluttering, warming the air.

Prehaps it’s because orange is so predominant in the early morning, and late evening skies. Lining the clouds with a beautiful glow.

Mountains of Orange….

Prehaps it’s because orange is the colour of Halloween. The happy faces, of candy filled tummys, yelling ‘Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat!’

Prehaps it’s because of the orange at the bottom of a Christmas stocking. The orange slices at a child’s baseball game. That tall glass of cold orange juice at the breakfast table.

Orange, Orange, and Orange….

Prehaps it’s because my favourite Farmers Market is closing for the season, which for me, officially marks the end of summer, that has me feeling a little Orange.