Looking at the World

Looking at the world 
through rose coloured glasses.
As the winds and clouds roll by.
Like thoughts and ideas,
they make smooth passes.
My feelings;
like dots in the sky.
Surrounding yourself pleasantly 
is difficult sometimes.
The flowers and the trees,
are not always in rhyme.
My expectations are like chimes,
in what a world finds fair.
So different is the light
that my daydreams share.

Summer Time

Hydrangeas, Yarrow, and Milkweed
Just a little bit of sunshine 
Just a little bit of rain
Lots and lots of love
And our garden
Is happy again.
Whites and blues
Their faces are blooming 
Their stems tall and straight
Swaying with the breeze
In our little piece of Eden
Doing as they please.
Lilies in red and shades of white.
If people could be flowers
Instead of ivory towers
What a peaceful place
Our world would be.
Boxes of daisy’s

June Flowers

Who is the poet of the flower?
The answer changes by the hour.
Petals of
and of white,
and of pink.
The scent of  the flower,
Cause the poet to think.
The stem,
The stalk,
Where in
The flower's beauty

In sand, and soil,
And rock.
God's paint brush 
With grace and ease.

Beauty, found and sought.