The Colours of Black River Wilderness Park


A 180 acre park, Black River Wilderness Park is owned and operated by the Chippewas of Rama First Nations.

The beauty of rock, wood, and water.
The different colours of the Black River
Enjoying the view….
On the red trail, or was it the yellow one, or maybe the green trail? No, I think it was the blue trail.
The Black River, moving it’s way throughout the park.
On an island….

On this last day of the season, the tents and the RVs have left the grounds. A single campfire fills the air with an earthy smell of smoke.

The beauty of autumn!

Hangin’ in the Forest

Hiking the Loree Forest Trails
Hangin' in the forest,
it's where we love to be.
With a couple of our favourite people,
talking to the trees.
Flowers of the Forest
Flowers of the forest floor,
soon they won't be here anymore.
They'll be covered with the winter snow,
awaiting springs warm, sunny glow.
A nice walk in the forest,
breathing the air of the trees.
Treading carefully over roots,
photographing bumblebees.
Paths of rocks.
Paths of roots.
Paths of trees,
with autumn leaves.
People from here.
People from there.
The people are mine,
wherever they are.

Overlooking Georgian Bay
On top of the beautiful hills of the Georgian Peaks Ski Resort,
overlooking the Bay's cool, blue waters.
I skied here a few times,
a long time ago.
Twisted my ankle on a first run,
skied the rest of the day.
Walked with crutches,
the rest of the month.
Up on top of Ontario’s mountain.