The Tree Museum…take one

Faces in the forest

In the midst of our great Canadian landscape, amongst the trees, and the lakes, and the rocks, we discovered The Tree Museum.

A well marked trail.

Just follow the little blue arrows, and the little blue signs. After a kilometer, or two, and you will happen upon the entrance to the Tree Museum.

Nature at it’s best

Before the entrance, God has his work on display.

Light and shadows
Entrance to The Tree Museum

A mailbox contains a guest book. We left our names among the rest of the worldly travelers who have discovered this beautiful retreat into the wilderness.

Metal meets rocks and trees
Above the metal, rock on rocks.
Keeper of the forest..
A home away from home. Complete with a fireplace and natural air conditioning.
The list of contributing artists.

Having just recently recovered from a bout of covid19, I started this outing a little overconfident in my level of fitness and endurance, so we are leaving the rest of tour for a different day.

We have so much more to explore!

The beauty that surrounded us.

June Flowers

Who is the poet of the flower?
The answer changes by the hour.
Petals of
and of white,
and of pink.
The scent of  the flower,
Cause the poet to think.
The stem,
The stalk,
Where in
The flower's beauty

In sand, and soil,
And rock.
God's paint brush 
With grace and ease.

Beauty, found and sought.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, a part of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

We were our very own one car parade as we very slowly and very carefully traveled the 12 kilometers of narrow dirt road, through forests and wetlands, to the very peaceful and tranquil Victoria Falls. A very different parade than the one taking place in England to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Bridge over the Black River

On the right of the bridge is the wet and wild Victoria Falls with it’s many rocks and rapids.

To the left of the bridge the dark waters lazily gather before turning and tumbling down the rocky falls to join the rapids below.

A change of speed

The water forming large Eddie’s before transforming into a flurry of rushing water.

Peace and tranquility

So much to explore. So much to see.

Reflections, reflecting.

We spotted a beaver close to this spot.

A great place to explore.

Ontario has so much to offer.

The Colour Green

The colour of spring
Growth and renewal 
The colour of spring
Pine green
Mint green
Milkweed green
And jellybean green.
Textured green
Emerald,  lime,  spring,  forest,  teal,  chartreuse,  olive,  aquamarine,  turquoise,   blue-green,  sage,  jungle green,   light green,   viridian,  malachite.
Spinach,   kale,  broccoli,   avocado,   asparagus,   brussel sprouts,   cabbage,   kiwi,  collard greens,  edamame,  chard,  bok choy,   green beans,  green tea,  mustard greens,   cucumbers,   arugula,   beet greens,  celery,  zucchini,   lime,  peas, apples, lettuce.
The green of grass
The green of grain
The green that's gracious
The green that's growth.
Shades of green
Psalm 1:3 'the leaf shall not wether'

Mother’s Day

Flowers from my daughter and son-in-law
To Mothers,
From far and wide.
Here on earth,
And in the sky.
Beautiful little goslings
To those who mother
Other people's children.
To those who benefit
From other people's mothers.
A magnificent osprey.
From the goose 
With her gander.
To the Mother osprey
Who yelled at me.
Breakfast close to home.
Happy Mother's Day 
To all of the women
In this world!


A pretty cool stump
I am stumped
Totally stumped
So stumped.
An old old stump
By all the things that I have heard
When people say
Not a single word

A flower stump
Like flower petals 
They grow on dead wood.
They love me
They love me not

A swimming stump
And the waters swirl
As the world turns
Everything stands

Trees, by Bliss Carman

A wonderful poem, because it is National Poetry month!

In the Garden of Eden, planted by God,
There were goodly trees in the springing sod,
Trees of beauty and height and grace,
To stand in splendor before His face.
Apple and hickory, Ash and pear,
Oak and beech and tulip rare,
The trembling aspen, the noble pine,
The sweeping elm by the river line;
Trees for the birds to build and sing,
And the lilac for joy in spring;
Trees to turn at the frosty call
And carpet the ground for their Lord's footfall;
Trees for fruitcake and fire and shade,
Trees for the cunning builder's trade;
Wood for the bow, the spear, and the flail,
The keel and the mast of the daring sail;
He made them of every grain and girth
For the use of man in the Garden of Earth.
Then lest the soul should not lift her eyes
From the gift of the Giver of Paradise,
On the crown of a hill, for all to see,
God planted a scarlet maple tree.

The Gibson Trail

The Gibson Trail
Hiking the Gibson Trail, 
on a cold, crisp, autumn day.
Making the kind of memories
that don't fade away.
Colours of fall.
Most leaves have fallen, 
others cling on tight.
Colours of nature,
shine through,
brilliantly bright.
The beautiful sumac.
Reds and greys, 
Browns and blacks.
Healing berries,
of the beautiful sumac.
Broken, yet very much alive!
Showing their beauty,
Inside, and out.
Old memories, close to the Gibson Trail.

Remembering old memories.

Creating new memories.

Flowers on a log.
Flowers on a log. 

Prettiest of them all!