This D18, 1941, Martin Guitar

D18, 1941, Martin Guitar

This, D18 1941 Martin, guitar was recently discovered resting in the basement of an old house in Toronto.

The prevailing story is that, 50 years ago, it’s guitarist would open for acts in Massey Hall. Prehaps even for the Everly Brothers, the storyteller says.

When brought up and out of that old dark basement, the case was is serious decay. The body of the guitar was floating with strands of sky blue/turquoise/grey mold. The keys had all changed colour.

A local musician picked up this dear old instrument. He lovely had it fully restored. Renewed, in a golden shade of brown, this light as a feather guitar now dawns a set of light strings and musically rings.

Bluegrass music flows from those strings, as the quitarist sings his funky tunes.

Whether or not this oral history is 100% accurate is truly irrelevant, as the story keeps our musical history alive and strong.

The world is full of interesting and fascinating stories. We need to stop and listen, and sometimes right them down.

Thank you, Mark, you brightening my day with this one. The rebirth of a D18, 1941, Martin Guitar.