The Colour Blue

Looking a little like Lake Louise

Today started out as a blue kind of a day, as a combination of snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain, prevented me from spending the afternoon painting with my sister.

Generously supplied by the Maclaren Art Center

But seeing that little watercolour palette, with it’s dot of blue pigment, along with a new paint brush, washed those blues away.

Love Zoom!

With supplies generously donated by the MacLaren Art Center, for us folks who have reached a certain age, and under the direction of one of their artists, via Zoom, my paper went from white to blue.

First Painting of 2022

Family in the Forest

My first painting of the year. Of eight people who began 2022, together.

A beautiful quote from Elene Barnabe, “Our hands are the antennas of our soul. When you move them by sewing, cooking, painting, touching the earth or sinking it into the earth, they send signals of caring to the deepest part of you and your soul calms down.”

Painting a picture of people you love does not come easily, but it is a very satisfying way to spend a few cold, winter days.

We started the year off together. During this time, we walked, and we talked, and we took photos in the forest. Looked for animal tracks, and listened to the quiet.

Memories flooded in, of long hikes, treasures found, large mud puddles, and a crazy little river.

And always coming home in capable, proficient hands.