The Flight of an Angry Bumble Bee….

I disturbed these little guys today…
The bottom of our raised beds are lined with a layer of old wood, which is where, I think, they live.

It is amazing how everyday, regardless of how young or old we may be, we learn something new.

Today, I learned that we have a plethora of bumble bees living in our raised vegetable bed and that they are not at all excited about the fact that I want to start preparations for next year’s harvest.

The food
And they will come…

This season, fall prep took on a new meaning when momma bee chased me all the way from the garden to my door. Last week a friend of mine stepped on ground nest of bees, so I’m feeling the need to respect the wish of a bee.

I gave them some fruit as a piece offering. Not sure it was appreciated.
It’s hard to see, the swarm of a bee!
They are guarding my shovel.

Not sure how I’m going to finish this task?