No Mow May….

Forget-me-nots, and other pretty flowers.

Our lawns grow so much more than grass and dandelions!

Some crazy little wildflowers….

In defense of the lovely yellow dandelion.

1. It’s highly nutritious.

2. It contains potent antioxidants.

3. It may help fight inflammation.

4. It may aid blood sugar management.

5. It may reduce cholesterol

6. It may lower blood pressure.

7. It may promote liver health.

8. It may aid weight loss.

9. It may support healthy digestion.

10. It may boost immune health.

Pretty in yellow….

Things to make from the lovely dandelion.

1. Dandelion jelly – done

2. Dandelion wine

3. Dandelion bread – done

4. Dandelion honey – done

5. Dandelion syrup – done

6. Dandelion cookies – done

7. Dandelion tea – done

8. Dandelion coffee – done

9. Dandelion gummies

10. Dandelion salve – done

11. Dandelion salad – done

12. Dandelion soup

13. Dandelion quiche

14 Use your imagination

Food for the birds, food for the bees. Food, a plenty, when the lawn has been mowed when No Mow May is over.

Reduce your carbon footprint!