Happy Child in the Woods

Children of the forest
In the forest,near Vasey
some lumberjacks passed.
Removing trees,
the slashes amassed.
For indigenous peoples, the spider is a symbol of patience and endurance; representing intelligence and skillfulness.
A couple of artist
walked through the debris.
The slash,
all that was left of the tree.

And activists as they are
Peter and Sharon,
turned the waste
Into ART!
Spots to rest, reflect, and listen.
Remembering the children,
who once ran free.
Moving swiftly,
from tree to tree.
‘Trees are not simply the source of timber or pulp, but are a complicated, interdependent circle of life. ‘ Suzanne Simard, author of Finding the Mother Tree.
Colonization began, and,
their spirit removed.

Today, we mourn
the loss;
That came at such
a horrific cost.
Two grandmothers, braiding sweetgrass. Together.
Today, we remember,
acknowledge, repent.
So that we can
work together.
as we pass the feather.

We returned to this spot in the forest, a week later, and found these beautiful red dresses adorning the trees. To tell there story.

Red dresses. Representing missing indigenous women.

National Forest Week

A tree, is so much more than just a 🌳 tree!

This week, September 19th through to September 25th, is National Forest Week.

This year’s theme is “Our Forests, Continually Giving. “

‘A beacon of renewal, resilience, and hope, for the future. ‘

Simcoe County Forests

The top photo demonstrates what our neighbouring Simcoe County forest looked like 40 years ago.

The bottom photo was taken today. It shows the changes that have taken place as the pine trees were harvested, and a deciduous forest allowed to prosper.

Autumn, in the Simcoe County forest.

Simcoe County has been named the Forest Capitol of Canada, for 2022. For the second time.

Back in 1982, the County recieved the award for the first time.

Winter, in the forests of Simcoe County.

Simcoe County is being recognized for the role forests play in socio- economic, and environmental health. Plus it’s sustainable forest management practices.

A great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Simcoe County Forests.

Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial Park, BC.

On the way to Tofino, 800 year old trees, 80 feet high, in a bed of ferns and dripping with moss.

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park, Salt Spring Island. BC.

Old growth forests, planted forest, forests like our own little forest that has developed on it’s own. Gradually populating an acre of field with pines, spruce, maple, oaks, and any other tree that wants to call our little plot of land home.

Happy National Forest Week!

A forest, is so much more than just a forest!