Spelunking: Singhampton Lookout and Caves

Sun and shade
Black and white
Shade and sun
Cold,cold rocks
And lots of fun!
Exploring new trails

An amazing trail of root paved paths, winding through the forest. A forest full, of rocks, of caves, and of crevasses.

Shades of white and green
White birch bark
Streams of sunshine
Texture and colour
Birds in rhyme.
Cool and dark

The temperature change, deep in the caves and crevasses, was a welcome cooling, on a warm September day.

Down in….

A wonderful, young couple helped us navigate our way through the maze of crevasses, and rock. They were in the early days of their relationship, and I enjoyed the privilege of taking their first ‘as a couple’ photos; other than the selfies that they themselves had taken.

Reaching the top
Rays of sunshine 
Old,old rocks
Good foot wear
and dry socks.

We met lots of wonderful people today. Most moving twice as fast as we were. But, we were twice as old as they were. So we called it even.

Beautiful rocks
Dark green moss
Cool, dark rocks.
Well marked trails
No hand rails.
A view from the top.
Through the trees,
Behind the leaves,
Lies the beautiful Georgian Bay!

Spelunking – The Nottawasaga Bluffs

Exploring the geological features of the Nottawasaga Bluffs, reminded me of the adventures we would have when our relatives would visit from Holland.

It brought back memories of visiting the Scenic Caves, near Collingwood. Us all lining up, the Tanta’s in their dresses, and the Oma’s in their white shirts and dress pants, to squeeze through what was then called ‘Fat Man’s Misery. ‘ A narrow opening between two gigantic rocks, that were icy cold to touch even in the heat of summer.

Exploring new Caves. Making new family memories.

Like my chiropractor keeps telling me, ‘Motion is Lotion.’ I’m thinking that I might now be of similar age to what my Oma’s and Tanta’s were away back when.

Spelunking – the exploration of caves, especially as a hobby.