This Old Dresser

As all new immigrants that arrive to the beautiful country called Canada do, the Dutch community worked together so that all would succeed and prosper.

The story behind this old dresser is just one of many that demonstrate the strength and power of community.

My father purchased this dresser from a fellow farmer, thereby allowing him to meet his mortgage commitment and grow the family farm.

My parents were able to transport some pieces of furniture with them when they emigrated to Canada. I don’t know if the previous owner brought this dresser with them from Holland or if it was something they acquired after settling here.

This dresser ended up in my childhood bedroom, and then into my present home. It has been in great need of a face lift for some time.

My first thought was to restore it, pulling out the true beauty of the wood. It quickly became clear to me that I did not possess either the required talent or skills necessary to complete such an undertaking.

So, instead, I chose to give it a thorough cleansing.

Washed away, with the dirt and the grim, went the hardships of those early years. Life as a new immigrant back then was just as difficult as the challenges faced by our new immigrants of today.

I watched the buckets of dirty water swirl down the drain. With the dirty water went the tears, the hardships, and the sorrows of these early years.

And as I softly rubbed oils into the newly cleansed surface, into it went all of the great opportunities this country has offered us over the years, as our families grew and prospered.

As I polished the surface, into the dresser went all of the hopes and dreams of the future.

A total restoration of this beautiful work of art belongs to the next generation.