Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, a part of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

We were our very own one car parade as we very slowly and very carefully traveled the 12 kilometers of narrow dirt road, through forests and wetlands, to the very peaceful and tranquil Victoria Falls. A very different parade than the one taking place in England to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Bridge over the Black River

On the right of the bridge is the wet and wild Victoria Falls with it’s many rocks and rapids.

To the left of the bridge the dark waters lazily gather before turning and tumbling down the rocky falls to join the rapids below.

A change of speed

The water forming large Eddie’s before transforming into a flurry of rushing water.

Peace and tranquility

So much to explore. So much to see.

Reflections, reflecting.

We spotted a beaver close to this spot.

A great place to explore.

Ontario has so much to offer.