On Stage at Good Vibes Coffeehouse

At the corner of Mt St Louis Rd W and the 5th Line, in the little town of Mount St Louis, there is a little church hall which every Thursday night is home to Good Vibes Coffeehouse.

It’s a wonderful gathering place for musicians, comedians, poets and artists, and other like minded people.

Everyone gets there fifteen minutes of fame. It is a place where every gift is appreciated and everyone is made welcome. My favourite thing to do there has always been that of a spectator, allowing the music and the atmoshere to soothe my soul.

But everyone once in a while, I would think to myself, ‘it would be kind of nice’ to take my spot on the stage.

I am not a musician, and people need not listen to me sing, but I do love poetry and there are so many poems that are meant to be read.

So, on a quiet night in January, when there were only a few people in the house, I was asked to put my name on the board and read some scripts from a book.

I loved the feeling of being on stage, finding it a lot easier and more rewarding than I had anticipated.

The following two weeks, I again signed my name on the board, reading from Canada’s most passionate poet, Leonard Cohen.

2 thoughts on “On Stage at Good Vibes Coffeehouse

  1. No longer the spectator, Maria you are to be commended in sharing your passion of poetry to a roomful of spectators. How fulfilling, and certainly thrilling to stand alone as an artist. Kudos to you my good friend. We need always to challenge ourselves, once in a while😘

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