Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse of 2019

A real celestial treat, when the moon went into eclipse and turned blood red.

When the moon passed through Earth’s shadow, shortly after midnight, on January 21st, 2019, I standing outside in the -27C cold winter air with my camera pressed against may head while I secured my body against the house, trying to get my best shot of the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

I took the first picture, the white moon, at 7 pm, and the picture of the blood red moon at 12:05 am.

I had started the evening using my tripod, but found it difficult to position myself under my camera when shooting straight up into the sky. So I braced myself , held my breath until the shutter closed and with freezing fingers discovered that I was very satisfied with my photo.

I think the extreme cold of the night, added to the trill of the night.

Two trees, same moon, frozen fingers and a great feeling of accomplishment.


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