Mr Blue Jay after his bath!

I love when materials, collected directly from the earth, become works of art.

This week, I researched the make up of cement and discovered some of it’s natural make up consisted of things like shale, clay and slate. When mixed with water and sand, many beautiful and practical works of art happen.

Like this bird bath, a Soul Sister creation from a few years ago. This spring a crack formed in the basin. My husband patched it , with more cement, turning the leaf pattern into a gentle seascape. The bottom is covered with sea shells, gathered from the Pacific coast when visiting our son in British Columbia.

And our little birds are happy again.

An Indigo Bunting sharing the bird bath with a beautiful little Gold Finch!
These hands, another Soul Sister project, have yet to find a permanent home is our garden. My plan is to paint them with a buttermilk/moss mixture and watch them then coat themselves in warm green gloves.
My pretty little pathway. The stepping stone was molded using a large rhubarb leaf. The pathway leads people to my favourite part of the garden.
Tofino, British Columbia. Collecting sea shells on a warm, rainy October day…

3 thoughts on “Cemented

  1. The garden not only providers for our feathered friends …. it helps calm our souls and heal our hearts 💕 to appreciate our very being. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations you have collected 🤗 in your healing garden.


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