Chocolate Bars and Car Washes

Gas station loot!

Last Friday, when pulling into a gas station to pump some gas, I thought it might be interesting to see what happened if I said ‘yes’ to the attendant’s sales pitches instead of my usual ‘no thanks.’ It was kind of fun, actually, as she added item after item to her list list as I said yes instead of no.

So in addition to a full tank of gas, I now have a nice, clean car. And because, for some strange reason, my back window was partially open, half of my back seat has been shampooed and rinsed as well. And by buying two car washes, instead of one, I earned a bonus of 100 Air Miles.

Also, a part of my purchase included two lottery tickets. Because I am not in the habit of purchasing lottery tickets, it took me a half hour to figure out how to play the different games. Much to my surprise, and disappointment, I didn’t win anything. Not a nickel, not a dime, not a quarter!

Two bottles of diet coke were the next items on the list. One was an excellent addition to my lunch. The other is in the fridge.

Then came the chocolate. Very hard to resist. But because they might tip the scales, in a negative way, at my next WW meeting, I will gift them to my loving husband who has not gained an ounce since our wedding day.

I was a fun experience. Will I do it again. I don’t thinks so.

But I am, now, 116 Air Miles closer to earning a free trip to visit the kids!

This bill was way to long!

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