Apothic Red, Chelsea Chocolates, Margaret Atwood’s Wilderness Tales and an impromptu concert of Connie Kaldor tunes….

A smooth, robust bottle of red wine, fine chocolate, and a good book, with jazzy blues playing in the background perfectly describes my first day of retirement.

A nice bottle of Apothic Red, “inspired by the ‘Apothica’, a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in the 13th century Europe, was conveniently available in our little corner store. A box of handcrafted Belgian Chocolates created in a little town further along the way, was picked up via curbside delivery. Due to covid19, I didn’t have a new book, so I pulled from my bookshelf of Margaret Atwood books.

In the field of work that I have retired from, self care is very important, both for the families we worked with and for ourselves. During one of the more tumultuous times in my life, my husband recognized that I was in great need for some self care. Being a stay at home mom at the time, finances were tight. My dear husband turned inside out every pocket, purse and couch cushion til he had gleaned enough to cover a Margaret Atwood reading and the purchase of the book she would reading from… So I pulled Wilderness Tales from my bookshelf and immersed myself in the written word.

A nice break in my day happened when a couple of friends dropped by with an impromptu concert of Connie Kaldor, another great Canadian artist, songs. Good friends, good music, good vibes.

Covid19 has kind of halted any retirement plans made. So I am just going to settle in and groove to whatever comes my way.

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