Lavender Fields and Sun Flowers….

Tall, smiling, bright yellow sun flowers…

When life with covid19 is bringing you down, and you are needing something beautiful and refreshing to fill that void, finding that something in nature is the perfect thing to do.

We found a lovely, little reprieve with a trip to a newly discovered local lavender farm @SouthBayFields LavenderFarms.

Rows and rows of deep lavender…

It was a very relaxing hour or so of meandering amongst rows of different lavender, from pale mauves to deep purples. With tall, smiling, bright yellow sunflowers bringing that much needed perfect break.

Loving the scents and sounds….

There were enough people present to meet that much needed human contact, but few enough that masks could be removed allowing in the wonderful, fresh scents of the farm.

This was a fee free afternoon, but we did make a purchase at the little tent which included some lavender oil. The lavendar oil will complement my homemade bug deterent made with @doTERRA citronella and lemongrass oils.
So beautiful!

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