Journeying into Shibui Art

Earlier this summer, my sister invited me to join her and an inspirational artist group called Shibui Found Image Art Live. I finished my first piece this week.

The concept is to find what is there, much like finding something in the clouds, it is solving a puzzle. Once you find what is there you follow the lead of the images to create Shibui’s stories; by creating what the foundation suggest. Peji Nunes

Evening light…

With a sheet of watercolor paper, and a new colour palette, I began my journey to become a Shibuist. Applying all of the colours on my palette to my paper, I watched the colours mingle and flow, blending to create their own colour combinations.

Morning light…

When the paper was dry, I began searching for and finding faces of all shapes and sizes.


The more colour I added to the paper, the more faces appeared.

It’s a happy, peaceful feeling, finding all of these little faces.
My husband likened the finished product to Alice in Wonderful.

I’m hoping a story line will develop as more pages are created.

People who create Shibui Found Image Art are called Shibuiest. Pejic Nunes.

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