How to Build a Cedar Bench….

From a seedling to a tree in 25 to 30 years…

If you want to build a cedar bench,

this is what you do.

You invite a Sparks leader,

and her Sparks pack too.

They will plant a row of cedar seedlings,

they’ll plant them in the sun.

Declaring that doing so, is lots and lots

of fun.

Next you wait, and wait, and wait,

for 25 to 30 years or so.

Then trim the bottom of the tree,

clearing space for the lawn mower to go.

Boughs from the bottom of the cedar tree.

Next, take the curviest of the boughs,

strip them of their branches.

Find a hammer and some nails,

and then you take some chances.

When the boughs have been secured,

some feet really need to be procured.

The walnut tree we trimmed last year,

provided the legs,

so that we can sit right here.

Our little hideaway in the forest.

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