The Return of the Trumpeter Swan

Crisp, white, and beautiful!

It was such an amazing feeling, standing on a dock, in the midst of the crisp, white beauty of 50 or more, Trumpeter Swans!

Spring fever!

A great sign that winter is almost over is the arrival, to our area, of the magnificent Trumpeter Swan. Last evening, a friend shared with us that a large flock of these beautiful creatures had landed on a small beach in the little town of Washago.

Just a little bit of strutting!

Today, we went on a road trip to this wonderful, little spot.

Sharing the waters….
A beautiful, elegant swan.
Crisp, white and beautiful!
Lunch time.

We met a lovely couple who shared that they have been stopping by, a couple of times a week, with a bucket of corn, for the swans, and for the ducks.

Centennial Beach, Washago, Ontario