It’s Maple Sugar Time!

Soaked in Maple Syrupy goodness.

It’s maple syrup time again. Due to covid19, we will be celebrating a little differently this year. So I like to share some photos from a couple of years ago that have made me homesick for the better days to come. Soon. I hope.

Horse and buggy were the vehicles of the day, taking us from a neighbouring parking lot to the Sweetwater Harvest Festival at the Wye Marsh.
Bears protecting the little frog pond.
Watching pancake mix being poured onto hot grills.
Eating those pancakes, soaked in newly boiled maple syrup.
Tapping trees the old fashioned way.
Multiple taps on a tree.
Boiling maple syrup for taffy.
Then onto the snow.
Rolled onto a stick, then into my mouth.
Cooking Bannock over an open fire.
Bee keepers, we will be.
A new spring home for our birds!

We are really looking forward to experiencing this again, next year!