A new beginning, for an old tradition.

I have been researching Dutch traditions, culture, and foods. This one caught my attention. It is very timely, given that Sunday is Palm Sunday.

In parts of the Netherlands, children would build a Palmpasentok. They  paraded with them, then gifted them to the elderly.

The cross represents the Crucifixion. 
The green and yellow streamers; spring, the season of renewal and new life.
The green twig, resurrection.
The bread rooster, the rooster that crowed three times when Peter denied Jesus.
The bread, symbolizes the Body of Christ shared at the Last Supper.
The twelve chocolates, the twelve disciples.
The thirty raisins refer to the thirty pieces of silver, paid to Judas who betrayed Jesus.

If this was a tradition in the area of Holland where my parents grew up, they did not, to my recollection, continue the tradition in Canada.

Personally, I love this tradition and plan to bring it anew.