Life of a Forest – part two – The Manicured Forest

Resting pine

Before reading Finding the Mother Tree, and The Hidden Life of Trees, I wanted our forest to be pretty, park like, and tidy.

I spent the past two springs working hard, with park visions in my mind. This work had to be done by early to mid May, when that dreaded poison ivy plant would emerge and very quickly blanket this part of the forest floor.

A perfect plot for poison ivy.

I busied myself trimming trees, clipping saplings, and removing anything dead or estheticly unpleasant.

After reading these two, very informative books, I’ve come to realize that what I have removed from the forest belongs in the forest.

The beauty of the forest floor

This past week I’ve walked, where the poison ivy does not rule, and have made my peace with the unnecessary cutting and cleaning done by my hands.

Next spring, when new seedlings sprout and bloom, my little piece of forest will be quite different. It will allowed to develop, and move to its own groove.

Shades of green.