Every Child Matters

‘While the world gently weeps’ – George Harrison

In the summer of 2014, my family and I, along with my cousin from Kamloops, attended the 35th annual Kamloops Pow Wow. One of the largest celebrations of First Nations culture and heritage in Western Canada.

On our walk from the parking lot to the Pow Wow, we passed a large, grey, dark building. My cousin educated us on the original use of this structure, the Kamloops Indian Residental School. We could feel the cries and sadness that eminated from the building.

In sharp contrast to the beauty, the power, and strength, of the Pow Wow.

A small child stands at the top of the stairs at the bottom of Spirit Catcher, in Barrie, On., on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, holding a sign that reads EVERY CHILD MATTERS.
This morning, at Springwater Provincial Park, I dropped some sacred tobacco onto the smoldering ashes of a sacred fire. I prayed for all of the abused children, and for those children suffering from abuse today.
Strength, power, beauty, and I hope, healing.