Screaming Heads

Where you enter…..

Canadian artist, and sculptor, Peter Camani, created Screaming Heads on his property, Midlothian Castle, near Burk’s Falls, Ontario.

The beginning of the end.

The Screaming Heads, which remind me of a painting by Edvard Munch, with the feel of works by Salvador Dali, creat an outdoor masterpiece that needs to be explored more than once.

Castles, ponds, and memorials.

It’s a wonderous, 310 acres, that Camani has transformed into a land of forests, ponds, wild flowers, and gigantic works of art.

From the forest to the sky.

Every path has it’s own direction.

Beautiful hands.

Prehaps the hands mean for us to stop. To be mindful. To reflect. To ponder. To examine. To stop, and to smell the wild flowers.

A giant, spider less, spiderweb.

Oh what a web, a spider can weave.


Some of the puzzle pieces that make you want to explore some more.

The home of a Canadian artist and sculptor.

Midlothian Castle, just outside of Burk’s Falls.

Standing guard.

Something around every corner.

Love these guys.

Found these guys atop the walls surrounding the castle.

Screaming Heads

The person who came up with the phrase, ‘Ontario, yours to discover!’ was right on the mark. We have so many great places, and great people, to discover. Right in our own backyard!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day here! Definitely on our list of places to explore again!