From Fort to Forest

From Fort to Forest.

This wonderfully, creative set of stairs takes us from the Historical Fort Willow site to the Ganaraska Trail.

Love the different staircases.

Historic Fort Willow, one of Springwater Township’s oldest historical sites, was a supply depot at the halfway point between Kempenfelt Bay and the Nottawasaga River.

Old footprints 👣

The location of the former buildings have been located, and their outlines restored.

Every September, before the arrival of Covid19, the Festival of Fort Willow was held. The Festival brings to life the daily activities of the Indigenous people living in Simcoe County in 1812, British soldiers, and camp followers.

Garden life!

A garden, at the centre of the fort, features the Three Sisters. Corn, beans and squash.

Where all trails seem to meet.

Great walking trails, the Ganaraska, the North Simcoe Rail trail, and the Trans Canada trail surround this historical site.

Cold water on a hot day!