Salt Spring Island

Baynes Peak, Mount
Maxwell Provincial Park

A fear of heights, lost, after ascending one of the highest spots on Salt Lake Island. A view of the cliff peak, and drop, from the ferry.  A view from the top of Baynes Peak, in Mount Maxwell Provincial Park, on Salt Spring Island.

Old Growth Forests

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park, home to old growth Douglas Firs, and Garry Oak meadows, is one of the Gulf Islands largest, contiguous protected areas.

Overlooking Vancover Island.
Nature, and life, at it’s finest.
Enjoying nature, and altitude changes.
Salt Spring Wild Cider House

Enjoying Cheese, and Charcuterie, and a Full Tasting Flight of Special Blend Ciders, at a wonderful spot overlooking orchards of apples and pears. Enjoying the Ciders made from the fruits shaken from the boughs of the gnarly old fruit trees native to this area.

The town of Ganges

Feeling like we are in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s, as we explore this lovely little town’s afternoon market.

‘Sitting on the dock of the bay’

Waiting for the ferry, to take us back to Vancouver Island, and the beautiful city of Victoria.