Sooke Potholes Provincial Park

Sooke River, a cool spot, for rest and relaxation, on a warm summer’s day.

We knew it was going to be a perfect day when we stopped by a little Cafe, and a chorus of Bye Bye Miss American Pie, broke out amongst the staff and patrons.

So inviting.

Sooke River, a series of deep, naturally carved and polished rock pools.

Glacial action carved a pathway into the natural bedrock. Huge boulders carried along by rushing waters, carved the infamous potholes of Sooke Potholes Provincial Park.

The beauty of nature.

A narrow staircase was left behind by a developer who decided that a Provincial Park would be more beneficial than a resort.

A perfect place for a summer swim.

A wonderful place for a picnic lunch, hiking, relaxation, and finding that perfect rock.

A perfect way to end a perfect day.