What you do, in Edmonton, when Covid19 numbers are on the rise!

Fun at the park!

Edmonton, home to cold nights and hot days. Beautiful skies, and few horizons. Snow any month of the year, and home to a most, amazing little family.

Happy birthday to our beautiful, little granddaughter on her seventh birthday. Rainbow pancakes, tye-dyed t-shirts, and the best mom and dad ever.

I love being Grandma to this precocious and precious seven year old. Words and phrases like; hilarious, that’s adorable, that’s amazing, show me your crying voice, that’s just how life works, I love you so much, and ‘ why are some people vegans?’ ring in my ear.

Memories of shadow puppets, signing my life away; Stuffies, Stuffies and more Stuffies, fill my brain.

Practicing grade 2 readiness skills

Writing a letter to Mr A-Game.

First day of Grade 2!

So excited for Grade 2! With a Vice-Principal ever ready to take that perfect family picture.

St. Albert’s Farmers Market

St. Albert’s Farmers Market. With the sights and sounds of late summer. Lots of fruits and vegetables, music, and, arts and crafts. And a wonderful seven year old who filled so many buckets, complementing everyone from vendors with their colourful cauliflower, to Rabunzel and Anna on their beautiful gowns.

Salsa day!

When the workday is done, it’s time for adult fun. We spent a relaxing afternoon turning, fresh from the market; ripe roma tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and local onions and garlic, into delicious pints of salsa.

A dill pickle kind of day

Another afternoon of canning. Cucumbers, dill, and garlic, from St. Albert’s Farmers Market.

There were a couple of sad faces when two people discovered that they would have to wait until Thanksgiving Day before opening the first jar.

Tree art!

From the tree, that earlier this year adorned the front yard, these beautiful works of art were born. These three pieces were created by a seven year old, her mommy, and her grandma. With supervision provided by grandpa.

We loved our time together in Edmonton. Leaving made easier by knowing that, before to long we will all be together again! For another Catan marathon!