Introduction to Stone Carving….

Art in the Marsh – Introduction to Stone Carving

Last weekend, my daughter and I spent a lovely couple of hours together, at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre carving stones.

Pulling out the colours…

Art in the Marsh – Introduction to Stone Carving. Under the instruction of local artist and teacher Lisa Harpell, our pieces of alabaster magically turned in beautiful little sculptures.

Clouds and mountains, Katie’s works of art.

Carving alabaster, first using rasps, following with numerous grades of wet sandpaper, the colours were pulled out of our pieces of rock.

My little princess dress…

It was, at the same time easier than I expected, and more difficult than I expected.

Definitely something I will do again.

So glad things are starting to open up again. In person, is so much more rewarding than a Zoom meeting.

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