My Granddaughter’ Prayer

My beautiful granddaughter!
Keep our love in our hearts.
We will never leave until we stop.
We will all be in our hearts together.
If anyone tries to torn us, we will be there.

Everyone's heart has different abilities, and different feelings.
In our hearts we should combine to make a really, really awesome team.
To make it, the world, a better place.

'Come Lord Jesus, be our guest. And let this food to us be blessed. Amen!'

2 thoughts on “My Granddaughter’ Prayer

  1. You are blessed with a granddaughter who is full of life and love.
    A poet, so innocent, so young
    With some musical 🎵 notes, it could truly be sung
    She writes from her heart, at times from her wee soul
    The words of the thoughts of the things that she thinks
    Are like colours of the rainbow
    Blues, purples and pinks


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