Someone Cried Today….

A Caterpillar, a Cocoon, a Butterfly. We are always surprised by what we find inside.

I made a person cry today.

She was a lady of an age that I once used to be.

Her circumstances, though, just a little bit different.

She was standing on the corner of a street.

The light turned red.

So my car came to a stop.

Her face was really sad.

Her clothes, dirty and worn.

Her expression told me that she was not expecting anything from the gray-haired lady who had pulled up alongside her.

I opened my purse.

I pulled out a bill.

She accepted the money and said,’Thanks, and God Bless.’

I told her to take care of herself, as she began to cry.

The light turned green.

A tear rolled down my face.

And my car rolled away.

Be kind to someone today.

We are all butterflies.

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