Snowshoe Trails…..

A wonderful winter’s day.

After snowshoeing in our beautiful Simcoe County Forest for so many days, I think it is time for us to hang up our snowshoes and start thinking about spring.

Long shadows, and short winter days!
Snowshoeing with family, and friends. Busting new trails and traveling on those well groomed.

Midnight strolls, and sharing our tracks with wildlife.
Our snow trails have seen better days.
They gave us joy, in so many ways.
Stomping through,
Knee deep snow.
Tracks grew,
Wherever we would go.
Until a maze of twisty trails,
Cured all of winter's ails.
Until next winter, when we will meet again!

Strange Sights and Sounds

Different shades of brown, and a stand-on-
guard lawn chair.

It was a rainy Sunday in February. The last day in February to be exact. February 28th, not February 29th, as this year is not a leap year.

Some of the sights that we seen, and the things that we witnessed, were just a little bit out of the ordinary.

The predator becomes the prey.

It might have had something to do with the gloominess of the day. The grayness of the sky. The old dirt on the snow.

Close up and far away.

Or the strange, frozen mist that covered the world this morning.

Inside out, and outside in.
Strange faces found along the side of the road.
Graveyards; for old barns, and old Christmas trees.
Icebergs, not as big as those in the Atlantic Ocean, but Icebergs none the less.

Daytripping during Covid19.

Photos from the Back Deck

From a green Christmas Eve to knee deep in snow on Boxing Day, you need to love winter in Southern Ontario.

I’m thinking that God made the snow so beautiful so that we will automatically give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us as we shovel and plow our decks and drives to travel roads that are mostly white.

Giving thanks for the beauty of our wonderful world of wintertime.

Photos taken from the back deck.

Walking with a Camera

Spotting the tiny Downy Woodpecker

The benefits of walking with a camera are the endless pictures just waiting to be taken.

The draw back is that it’s much harder to get a good walk in.

Organic, homegrown bird food!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. How lovely are thy branches!
Casting shadows…..
Winter gardens
This is when you know the coyotes are dining elsewhere.

The wood was full of rabbit holes; and in the neatest, sandiest hole of all lived Benjamin’s aunt and his cousins Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter – This is the family’s winter getaway.

The benefits of looking up!