Walking on Ice

Kempenfelt Bay, upon whose shores the beautiful City of Barrie sits. It’s also home to other wonderful little spots, like Big Bay Point, and Shanty Bay.

A Bay, that grows ever more beautiful as winter melts into spring. When spring moves into summer, then autumn, and back to winter, and ice huts will once again dominate the landscape.

The frozen waters provide a perfect playground for this beautiful chocolate lab. A chocolate lab, much loved by his Oma and Opa.

Pressure cracks, and nature’s sculptures, cover the bay as water begins to pool on top of the ice.

Deep below the layers of ice lurks the legendary lake creature named Kempenfelt Kelly.

Kempenfelt Kelly is said to have a long stove-pipe neck, topped with a face that looks like a dog.

It is about 12 feet long, or prehaps a lot longer.

Folklore also says that it has three pairs of legs, and looks like an octopus, topped with two long and sensitive antenna.

One source noted that it has “exquisitely beautiful feather-like appendages, that are constantly in motion.”

When I finally lay eyes on the mysterious Kempenfelt Kelly, I will give you a full, and accurate description of this remarkable being.

Along the shore of Kempenfelt Bay, in Big Bay Point.

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