Laying Asleep

Laying Asleep doesn’t talk about anything that is on my list of Things to do as a Well Adult.

Laying Asleep is about something that I experienced today and feel the need to write about.

I started my day bright and early, finding myself at my bank about an hour before it opened. I opened the door and there in front of me, on the floor, lay a young man sound asleep.

My first thought was to move forward with my plan to make a cash withdrawal, taking out an extra twenty to place on his backpack. Then I hesitated, thinking of all the different senarios that might happen.

Prehaps he was just nodding off and not asleep.

Maybe the sounds of the ATM would awaken him and he would take all of my money.

But my greatest fear was that I would awaken someone very much in need of a good nights sleep. Knowing that he would, most likely, be on his feet for the rest of the day.

I knew that he wouldn’t go hungry as there was a spot that he could go for a free breakfast, and another for a free dinner. Both locations were within an easy walking distance.

So I left him, Laying Asleep, on the floor.

Later that morning, I returned to the bank and asked the teller about the young man. She shared that they had had to awaken him when they opened their doors.

She shared that he was a polite young man, thankful for having had shelter that night.

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