The Tiny Marsh

Loving my granddaughters dusty little feet. Resting on Mole Mountain, on a warm sunny afternoon.
One of the many families you will see along the trails of the Tiny Marsh.

The Tiny Marsh has always been one of my favourite places. Since the early 1980’s, it’s a place where many family adventures have taken place. Each walk bringing it’s own excitement. Once we watched as a snake ate a frog, another time a turtle laying her eggs. Hours were spent dip netting, finding lots of bugs, crayfish and other creatures that call the Tiny Marsh their home.

Our favourite part of the 25 kilometers of trails, that wind through this wetland, is the trail that takes us to Mole Mountain. On our way there we would climb up the look-out tower, travel the boardwalk and watch for song birds along the canal. Mole Mountain, which overlooked a large portion of the marsh, was our designated resting place.

One of the unique things about the Tiny Marsh was my father’s contribution. He had started a new business, when he was well into his years as a Well Adult, and one of his first customers was Ducks Unlimited. His new company provided Ducks Unlimited with the aggregate needed to build the dykes which give the marsh it’s shape and structure.

I often think of my father during these walks, specifically on my solo journeys through the trails and along the dykes of one of my favourite places.

2 thoughts on “The Tiny Marsh

  1. Wonderfully written my dear friend. It has been many years since I experienced Wye Marsh and nature at its best. I’ll walk through the trails someday soon and take special attention to your Dad’s aggregate contribution.

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  2. I was so happy that those little feet got to experience mole mountain that day. I cant wait for summers to come where we get to recreate the memories you created with me as a kid 🙂

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