Music Fest in it’s Infancy

My husband, on the right, and his brother on stage at the Here on Earth music fest last weekend.

Here on Earth is a music festival in it’s infancy. This past weekend, in it’s third year, musical entertainment flowed from Friday through to Monday afternoon.

Here on Earth’s beginning was in a small cafe/pub, in Vancouver. It began as an open mike for local musicians. From there, Here on Earth moved to a large, 3000 ft, warehouse in Vancouver, playing host to different local and not so local bands.

A few years ago, the couple who are the inspiration behind Here on Earth, moved to a small farm outside of Dundalk, Ontario. When speaking with one of the visionaries she shared that while exploring the property with her partner, they came across an open meadow that housed a natural amphitheater. They visualized the crowds of people on the hill and the concept for Here on Earth, take three, was born.

It was hard, this weekend, to see the crowds for the RVs and campfires.

Here on Earth productions supports Jammin’ for Juniors, an organization that provides an instrument library and free music lessons to young people keen to become musicians. Some of these students performed at the festival this weekend.

I had an opportunity to speak with the mom of one of the founders of Here on Earth. She shared a lovely story about how she taught her daughters to sing harmony, while teaching them to cook and do dishes, saying that singing made the chores a lot more fun.

What a wonderful gift she gave them.

The smile on her face and the tears in her eyes, when her daughters sang harmony together on stage this weekend, saw that gift returned.

2 thoughts on “Music Fest in it’s Infancy

  1. From your description, Maria this concert is going to grow. Another date booked on the calendar for next year!


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