First Amazon Purchase!

I made my first Amazon purchase today.

It’s just what you do when you ask your little granddaughter, who is about to turn 5 years old, what she would like for her birthday and she says ‘a Lady Bug super hero doll.’

First, you go to Toys R Us, believing that they carry every toy ever made, only to be told that they aren’t carrying them yet and probably won’t be for another couple of months. But the nice lady helping you searches on her IPad and directs you to Walmart.

So you head out to Walmart, where the nice gentleman helping you, kindly says that they only carry them on-line.

I don’t even do on-line banking, let alone on-line shopping. But being the best grandma ever, I head over to the closest store selling pre-paid Visa cards an make a purchase.

I take the card home, carefully follow all of the instructions and register the card on line and begin to shop.

Walmart is sold out of Lady Bug products.

EBay is mostly sold out.

Amazon has four items left. Now Amazon has three items left.


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