It’s all in the Eyes

My grade 9 class.

I went to my grade 9 class reunion, today.

We have been getting together, the Saturday after Labour Day weekend, every year since our 50 anniversary 5 years ago. Not everyone shows up every year, and some people have yet to make an appearance. We have all changed a little bit in the past 50 plus years, but the eyes remain the same. That sparkle, that twinkle, that mischievous glance, they are all still there.

When I mention to people that I look forward to my yearly grade 9 reunion, the reactions are mixed. Eyes roll, comments like ‘what the heck for?’ and comments like ‘you are really lucky that this is something that you want to do,’ are made.

I believe I am very lucky to have spent most of my high school years with a group of people that I feel very attached to. I was a shy, quiet person back then, content to sit back and observe all the while feeling included and accepted.

Our old high school building still stands tall and proud but now houses a different population. It is now home to the David Busby Centre and CMHA, and hopefully soon a Safe Injection Site.

I work with some of the population who now frequent my old high school in search of family. In their eyes, just like in our grade 9 eyes, is a desire to see the best of what the world has to offer.

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