Early Autumn in Our Little Piece of Eden…..

a little wood pile, after trimming our walnut tree
Barely bigger than a sapling, when we first arrived at our little piece of Eden, the walnut tree now towers over our house.

We moved to our Little Piece of Eden just over 38 years ago.

Then, our only trees were those that outlined the perimeter of our hectare of land. Plus a majestic white oak that still stands proudly near the entrance of our lane, and the walnut tree directly behind our house. Since then the tree population has risen to well over 200, some we planted and others that planted themselves.

Flower gardens dot the property, mostly perennials native to this area. We do have some non-native, invasive species, but when it come to our native, poison ivy, invasive species, I hope the periwinkle wins out. One tiny vegetable garden sits quietly at the edge of the lawn, waiting patiently for me to retire so that it can grow.

Thoughts of leaving our oasis have been very few and far between, thoughts that vanish more quickly than they appear.

An old rock that has pushed it’s way through the earth. It’s deep crevices filled with moss.
Stained glass covers the stump of a tree taken down when an old Manitoba maple fell, changing my shade garden into a new sunny spot.
Hydrangea, grown from a splitting of a friend’s plant, blooms peacefully.
A cedar bench, one of my favourite resting places.
Lily of the Valley, it’s red, fall berries as beautiful as it’s white, spring flower.
An old chicken stands guard where the garden meets the forest.
A graceful, pink hydrangea caresses the old blue shed.
Russian sage, from a friend’s garden, drops confetti to the ground.
English ivy wraps itself around an old stump, giving it new life.
A garden moving into the forest.
Both the rocks and the trees, we planted to welcome those coming to our home.
Our favourite garden, where the birds and butterflies meet.

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